Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Frog Cakes

"Frog Cakes", 2008
Oil on linen on board, 10.2 x 25.4cm (4 x 10 inches)

Which one, which one! I've heard so many wonderful stories about these Adelaide Balfours iconic frog cakes. My favourite is of a lady who was in her eighties at the time and was telling me how her mother took her into town once a month on a Saturday and her special treat was a green frog cake, somewhere around the 1920's era. As the sweet ol gal was telling me, her eyes became young and I could see she was suddenly five years old again, it brought a tear to my eye actually. My grandmother also spoilt me, with a trip to the bayside cake shop when I was a little girl, where she would buy me a green frog cake, they always had to be green for me and they always seemed so special. Its a pity that simple pleasures are not appreciated as much today.



Mike Barr said...

The Green is or was definately the best! Lovely little painting.

Pippa said...

This arrived in the mail yesterday and is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Thankyou so much. I'm yet to decide on a permanent home for the gang of three, so for now they are just next to my desk so I can stare all day. Best Christmas present to myself ever!

This Painting Life said...

Thanks Pippa, I'm so happy you love the painting, hope it gives you many years of enjoyment.

Jack said...

Lovely paintings..cant get better than this..nice post.

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