Monday, June 16, 2008

Michelin Man

"Michelin Man" 2008 Oil on linen on board, 12.6x12.6cm (5"x5")

This lovely sign, resides at the sleepy town of Streaky Bay on South Australia's beautiful coastline of the Eyre Peninsula, which is about a couple of hours drive from Port Lincoln. It is so rare to see one of these signs in such good condition, he was like a beacon in the town for me against the clear blue sky.


Amanda van Gils said...

I adore this painting Dianne. I was in Hobart recently and saw a few of these fellows hanging about, now instead of tyres I think of your painting.

This Painting Life said...

Thanks Amanda :) The Michelin Man really represents a bygone era well for me, a time when you took your car for a service at your local Garage .

Jack said...

Such sweet images and beautiful colours!!! I love it!!
thanks for sharing....

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Unknown said...

Very Nice to see a painting of a sign I actually sprayed, I have masked and sprayed about 800 of the Michelin Man Illuminated lightbox faces for all around Australia
Nice work
Mik :)

Unknown said...

Nice to see a painting of a sign I spraypainted, I masked and back-sprayed approximately 800 of these Michelin Illuminated signs to be installed all around Australia.
Love your painting of this one.